Thursday, December 14, 2006

Deck The Halls (and the gutters, and trees, etc..)

The Christmas Lights are up.

Total: 35,411 lights
Amps: 78 Amps
Watts: Too Many.

You will eventually be able to view all the pictures at this location, xmas2006.

Here's a few pictures from the site. First, this is a picture of just about all the lights, as seen from the street.

This is known as my "candy cane". I took some aluminum gas dryer hose, formed it in a half-circle, filled it with spray-foam insulation, and attached it to the top of my lamp. I put a small light in front of my lamp's light sensor to turn off the lamp-light, and wrapped the whole thing with mult-colored lights.

This is the river. At one time, the little blue blog in the center was a very nice tree, which had lots of lights in it. But the tree died, and all that's left is the trunk, which we paint and decorate while waiting to buy a new tree. This is supposed to look like a waterfall, but I can't say it turned out that way. But it flows to a river, and some deer are drinking and jumping.

This is the view from a little bit over from the first picture. The "blue tree" at front right is built from an old TV antenna pole, and some pvc pipe. It has 3800 lights in it, mostly blue with a few purple. The large red-green tree in back right (my daughter says it looks like a filled-up trash bag) has 3000 lights, it was supposed to be 3800 but I just got tired. The tree it's on is dead, so this is it's last year being lighted.

This is in the back yard. The small tree to the right was a "volunteer holly", growing at my mailbox. I dug it up and moved it back here, it's about 4 feet tall and doing well, so I put some orange lights in it (you can't get orange christmas lights, I bought multi-colored lights and pulled all the bulbs and moved them around to make solid blue, green, red, orange, and purple).

The larger "tree" is just 40 strands of multi-50 light strings, wired together at the top with a half-circle rig, which I pull up with a rope over a tree branch. The base is a pvc half-circle with hooks to hold the bottom of the lights.

This is the "bear tree", so named because it sways in the breeze and looks a little like a large colored bear moving back and forth. It's about 15 feet tall, and has 2000 multi-colored lights in it.

My front door. The two trees are artificial trees I bought after christmas one year, and the multi-light wreath up top is new. The wreath ON the door was a gift from a neighbor from a few years ago.


Joe said...

Dag NABBIT, Charles. You are the man. This is awesome stuff. You should crown yourself the annual Carnival of Lights every year.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Clark Griswold, are you trying to cause a brown out, or what?

Anonymous said...

This is FABULOUS! I wish I lived a tad closer to you and could see it IRL. You da Man!

Charlie Bishop said...

Very cool Charles. Now let's put all those lights on a PLC and do a little programming...yeah, I can see it now.

Anonymous said...

If one bulb burns out, does the whole thing shut down?

f mcdonald said...

Beeeeeeautiful! You have managed the spectacular without tripping into the tacky. Merry Christmas!