Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rep. Hinchey is a joke.

Well, at least he says he can't be taken seriously -- which pretty much is true for most of the elected democrats in Washington.

Yesterday, the Democrats called for nationalizing the oil refineries. I explained in a previous post how stupid that was.

Hinchey said yesterday: "Should the people of the United States own refineries? Maybe so. Frankly, I think that's a good idea." He said government could better "control the amount of refined product much more capably" than the oil companies.

Apparently, the Democrats are so sure they are going to win in November that they sometimes think they can say what they really want to do now. But in this case, there must have been some polling which indicated that the Democrats were being seen for the Socialists that they are.

Which led to this story, "Rep Hinchey steps off idea of Oil Nationalization":

Asked if he advocated the government taking over the oil business, he said: "Let's be serious. The government is not going to be taking over these refineries. ... But I do think we need to be putting national pressure on these oil companies ... to let them know that we're prepared to do whatever is in the national interest of the people of this country. That's our job — do what is in the public interest."

Apparently, the Democrats were not being serious yesterday when they admitted they want to nationalize the oil industry, like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela.

In fact, one of Obama's advisors said yesterday that this was exactly what we SHOULD do, because it worked very well for Chavez.

Maybe today Obama will denounce her and throw her under his bus.

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