Saturday, June 21, 2008

Allen West to Obama "Be a Man".

Allen West is the Republican nominee for Florida's 22nd district. He had this to say about Obama's whining about people noticing that Obama is black:

My advice to Senator Obama is to run as a Man and Leader, and the American people will evaluate you as such, not as a victim. This is a Presidential race, based solely on a capacity to lead the United States of America. It is not about skin tone...however, perhaps we should come to expect these immature statements.

It also seems rather humorous that the Presidential candidate who was supposed to be such a "uniter" and transcend race is the one talking about it the most. If Senator Obama was confident in his abilities and character, he would not need to create a crutch for failure. Senator Obama has just tipped his hand, any criticism of him and his policies will be directly attributed to racism. I congratulate Senator Obama for taking race relations in America back some 30 years.

Col. Allen West is an Iraq war veteran, and you can support him at his website, Go West! U.S. Congress.


SMILES said...

Go West!

SMILES said...

I heard that Allen West will be giving a speech addressing Obama and the use of "race" in politics. The GO WEST campaign will be videotaping the speech and it should be released sometime next week.