Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama, The "Change" Candidate

From the Boston Globe:

SENATOR Barack Obama has presented himself as the candidate of change, but the change he announced yesterday is a throwback to the no-holds-barred rules of campaign finance that prevailed before Watergate. Obama will be the first major party candidate since Watergate to reject public financing in the general election, instead relying on his base of more than 1.5 million donors for a war chest that could easily double or triple the $84.1 he would get in public financing. His decision deals a body blow both to the system of campaign finance and to his own reputation as a reform candidate.

Obama - Change you can believe in? Or just a Change for the Worse?

Last year, Obama promised to use the public financing if his republican counterpart agreed. He promised to work together with the other campaign to do so. McCain of course agreed to the proposal last year, long before he was expected to be the nominee.

Now, without so much as a meeting with McCain, Obama has come up with a list of excuses why he shouldn't have to keep his promises.

Now, the world is full of people who will promise you anything, but when they get what they want, find excuses why they can't keep their promises.

But we don't usually elect them to be our President -- instead, we usually stop inviting them to our parties.

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