Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What goes around, comes around?

Last year, Greg L. accused (apparently falsely) a candidate for local office of misusing his uniform. Greg claimed there was an active investigation, although he never reported it's result, no other mention of an investigation was ever made, and it appears that nobody but Greg ever knew anything about this so-called "investigation".

So I thought it was funny that the anti-bvbl folks are up in arms about what Greg wore while harassing day laborers. From one of their commenters:

1. Greg is (or was) in the reserves. He wore his uniform (BDU’s) while probably not under orders to perhaps intimidate civilians. This is a potential Federal violation. There are clear rules for wearing uniforms issued to you for active duty.

I'm guessing this complaint would go about as far as Greg's so-called complaint from last year.

But it would be funny if it DID go somewhere, if for no other reason than Karma.

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