Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stupid Potomac News

As you may know, I write for the Potomac News. You may also know that they so far have not given me permission to post my own articles to my own web site, instead insisting that I link to their web site.

So of course, they just moved everything to "insidenova". And of course, that means every link I've ever used is now broken.

Since they haven't had a good search for my older columns for a while, that means there's some columns I'll never be able to link to again (I of course have all of them in word documents on my computer).

Of course, they probable only moved one or two things over, so the links are gone, until they figure out what they've done.


James Young said...

Wait 'til you offend that idiot Svihlik, by being too much of a Conservative, or being influential, or something. Then you'll just get the axe.

Belle Hertanez said...

Ugh, tell me about it! When they did the switch, I had a favourites folder full of dead links :(

R.I.P. old articles.