Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama says Yes to post-birth abortion.

Do abortion rights extend to babies who are already born alive? According to Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D), they should.

Read more at "Obama says Yes to post-birth Abortion".

Barack would allow the deaths of the innocent in these "comfort rooms". He talks of the audacity of hope, but apparently that is nothing compared to the audacity of a man who would talk about hope but be so beholden to his pro-abortion views that he extends them to post-born babies.


Darrell said...

Thanks for this information. I've generally seen Obama as an honorable man who I happen to disagree with. It's harder now for me to classify him as honorable. His stance on this issue is deplorable and indefensible.

ptg said...

But, Obama offers hope. (free graphic)

Anonymous said...

I do not blame any one person I blame the world for allowing this to happen in the first place. Women do have a right to choose what happends to there bodies but in that choice comes consequence. Women choose to have sex if they don't want kids fix the problem, get your tubes tied, use condomes, or take some kind of birth control, why take the life of a child that HAS a heart beat (after 6 weeks, and to me if it has a heart beat it is alive) but does not have a voice, that child did not choose to be growing inside of this selfish woman and that woman should not have the choice of ending that childs life. If you don't want that child there are plenty of great people out there that would love to raise that child, defalts and all.
Abortion is wrong at any term of pregnance, and this is coming from a mother of two, that had a spotanious abortion and knows the pain physically and mentally of losing a child. I don't mind guilting those women that have had abortions as it was wrong for them.
Obama makes me sick I am afraid he is the antichrist

Anonymous said...

In all my years of following politics the one issue I feel is at the crux of our identity as human beings is how we care for our unborn. Nothing I have read to date has more disgusted and bereved me than this new information about "post labor" abortions. What it should be called is cold, calculated, calous murder. And those so far gone as to agree to it obviously have NO moral fiber whatsoever.

How can any man or woman asert that they are capable of leading a nation when they don't even value the lives of it's citizens? And make no mistake, if someone cares not for the lives of those who can't speak for themselves, he or she really doesn't hold much esteem for the lives of those who can. We would be fools to elect anyone who holds these views to govern our people. Unless, of course, we don't mind being sheep led to the slaughter.

I, for one, can not have the blood of innocents on my hands. I will never, ever pledge my allegiance to this man. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I have to agree with the poster who worried that Obama might be the Antichrist. I think Christians will recognize him when he comes, and though we may not yet trust our own voices to say so, I think our souls are all telling us the same thing. This man is not who he says he is, his actions have proven him capable of the worst moral depravity concieveable and he wants to unite the world for his cause of "hope". I am, at the very least, very wary.

Anonymous said...

The Pro-choice arguements are identical to the Pro-slavery arguements of the 1850's. Google the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
- Slaves were reduced to chattle (like unborn babies)
- If you disagree with slavery, don't own slaves (if you're pro-life, don't have an abortion)
- etc.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how his vote is on the definition of human life..and all the other stuff is added.

Rumpelteaser said...

i'd like to respond to a couple of things. perhaps i've been a little too enamored with obama so far, but i'm quite shocked to hear this news. part of me still believes that he's got some honorable reason for his support - if he does, i'd certainly like to hear it.

second, i'd like to respond to anonymous (the third comment). you said that if women don't want to have kids, they should fix the problem. however, you're ignoring several factors: broken condoms, ineffective birth control, and rape. frankly, i'm surprised that a mother of two would be so ignorant. not only do your spelling and grammar need work, so does your logic.

you may not support abortions, but hey, if you're against abortions, don't get one. i'm sorry you have to hide behind your anonymity.

and obama as the antichrist? i don't even have a response for that.

Josh said...

Post birth means after the baby is officially BORN, and of course, the cord is cut.

How can you "abort" that? Do people even know definition of terms anymore?

Charles said...

Josh, not sure what you mean to imply with the term "officially born".

The issue in this case is that a doctor will perform an abortion, but when the baby is then delivered, instead of already being dead from the process, somehow the baby has survived.

So now you have a live, "officially born", cut-the-cord baby sitting in a basket.

The law Obama opposed would make it illegal for the doctors and nurses to leave the baby to die without medical treatment.

Obama argued that providing medical treatment to the baby shouldn't be required, because the mother wanted the baby dead.

Sith Snoopy said...

Hi there,

Do you know the owner of

I would like to be invited to it so I can read it. Thanks. :)

-- Conservative new-Mom

Anonymous said...

There will always be the argument of rape. I for one would not want to carry a rape child for nine months. That to me sounds more traumatizing than an abortion.

Anonymous said...

utter morons here. he said nothing of the kind.

Anonymous said...

Bert Kortum states:

I too would like to respond to previous comments.
If Obama's stance on post-birth abortions surprises anyone, it would seem that they do not believe that he plans to "fundmentally change" America. He has stated this many times and this policy has been has been shown throughtout his term in office.
Many groups have used abortion and infanticide as means for killing undesirables: Nazis, communists, Planned Parenthood, and so forth. Obama just wants to be sure we know who he is, or at least what he stands for, if we sell our souls to elect, or re-elect, him.
Every women that chooses sex should know the success rate of various forms of birth control. And the only form completely 100% successful is, of course, no sex. Every heterosexual encounter for women of childbearing age includes the possibility of pregnancy and the proper measures need to be taken.
Finally, anyone unable to use the shift key (thus making every sentence wrong) has no room to question someone else's grammar and spelling. These notes are much too short to fully develop every point-- an inherent danger of life on the blogosphere, I propose. And spell-check cannot always be done, as well.