Sunday, February 17, 2008

Legal Statement of User Comment Policy

The term "commenter" refers to people who leave comments on this blog through the comment capability.

The term owner refers to the people who operate this blog, and have administrative authority.

Comments made by commenters on this blog are the opinions of the user, not the owner(s) of this blog.

By posting comments to this blog, the commenters grant an unlimited use license to the owner(s) of this blog.

This unlimited use means that the owner(s) have no responsibility to allow deletions of comments, or to delete comments even upon request by the commenters.

This unlimited use also means that the owner(s) can delete or edit the comments as they deem necessary, without prior permission of the commenters and without notification to the commenters.

This statement is made for legal purposes only, and is not intended to reflect a change in how this blog will be maintained in the future.

The comments for this entry will be open, so I can have a discussion of this statement, which is driven by some disturbing information I have read regarding the legal status of comments made to blogs.

Reference: 12 important U.S. Laws every blogger needs to know.

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f mcdonald said...

I read the information at the link. Good stuff that should keep us out of trouble. Thanks for the post.