Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A year and counting

Hey, I just noticed that I've been at this blog for over a year. It wasn't my first blog, although that one is barely alive anymore (it was my "official column blog" and never really took off).

According to the counter that I don't really trust, I've had 28,000 hits in this little over a year. I think someone is reading me way too much, but if the actual number is 1/10th that, I'm still glad to be doing better than Mel Gibson from the movie Conspiracy Theory.

Unlike some better-known bloggers, I'm not discouraged by my lack of visitors or mention in blog rankings (i note that when I put my blog name in with RK and NLS, I kick their butts, but only because the comparator uses "blogspot" rather than my blog).

And unlike one well-known blogger, I'm not threatening to take my ball and go home, nor do I intend to make it my goal in life to ruin the lives of smokers or those who think government has actual limits to it's power.

Thanks to both of you who read my rantings.

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