Saturday, March 10, 2007

Iranians, Democrats join to Attack American War Effort

When your position matches that of an Iranian Dictator, a SANE person would realise they had made a mistake. But Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi aren't likely to be taken for sane these days. From the Telegraph, Iran tells US to set timetable for Iraq exit:

Iranian officials last night demanded a timetable for US troop withdrawal from Iraq as they attended a rare meeting with American diplomats in Baghdad.

From CNN, Anti-war House Dems demand 'clear timeline' for pullout:

Anti-war lawmakers Thursday called on colleagues in the House of Representatives to set a "clear timeline" for an immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, challenging fellow Democrats to assume the political risk of ending the war.

I saw that Hillary is having trouble getting to a majority for her Presidential run. Maybe the democrats should consider the Iranian leader for their nominee -- he's right in line with their party platform on defeat for America.

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