Saturday, March 10, 2007

If you won't stop the war, you better give the generals what they need

The Democrats are still showing the same lack of courage of their convictions regarding the war, talking about how it is wrong, how our troops are being wasted, how it's just hurting us, but refusing to even bring up a vote cutting off funds.

They are afraid that if they take real action, they will have to accept responsibility for the results. And while they talk like they are sure, they aren't. They are worried the surge will work. They are worried that pulling out immediately will be a disaster worse than Vietnam, and that they will be blamed for it.

But they do seem ready to block any attempts by the administration to WIN the war. And I want to say they better stop. For example, in this Reuter's story we find "US general wants more troops for volatile province":

WASHINGTON, March 9 (Reuters) - The U.S. commander for northern Iraq has asked for more troops to clamp down on insurgent attacks and sectarian violence in the volatile province of Diyala, he said on Friday.
"Could I use more forces in Diyala? No question about it and I'm in discussions about it with Gen. Odierno as he attempts to balance the requirements in Baghdad," Mixon told reporters at the Pentagon by videolink from Iraq.

The article notes that the Democrats are trying to stop additional troops:

Despite opposition from Democrats who want a timetable for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, President George W. Bush has already ordered more than 20,000 additional troops into battle, most of them to help stabilize Baghdad.

But to their chagrin, it appears things might be getting better:

He said he was encouraged by security progress in other northern provinces but that violence had increased in Diyala.

Mixon said U.S. forces believed extremists had moved into Diyala from Baghdad, where U.S. and Iraqi troops are engaged in a security crackdown, and the western province of Anbar, a stronghold of Sunni insurgents and al Qaeda fighters.

The article notes more troops might be needed:

"If we do not, I will make adjustments and I may go back to Gen. Odierno and ask for additional support," he said.

Gen. David Petraeus, the overall U.S. commander in Iraq, said on Thursday Diyala required attention and Baquba was an "area of concern" due to sectarian tension. He indicated such areas would get more troops.

A senior Pentagon official said this week the number of additional U.S. troops needed to carry out Bush's security plan for Iraq could approach 30,000, taking into account units needed to support 21,500 extra combat troops announced in January.

So I will say this to my Congressman Davis (who voted against the additional troops the General said he needed) as well as my Senator Webb:

If you don't have the GUTS to vote to end the war and bring our troops home, you DAMN WELL better support whatever it is the Generals say we need to win the war. There's no MIDDLE GROUND except a disastrous defeat.

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