Sunday, March 11, 2007

Democrats On Suicide Watch!!!

Washington Post -- The Surge is Succeeding:

And though it is still early and horrible acts of violence continue, there is substantial evidence that the new counterinsurgency strategy, backed by the infusion of new forces, is having a significant effect.
As the Fadhils report, "Commanders and lieutenants of various militant groups abandoned their positions in Baghdad and in some cases fled the country." The most prominent leader to go into hiding has been Moqtada al-Sadr. His Mahdi Army has been instructed to avoid clashes with American and Iraqi forces, even as coalition forces begin to establish themselves in the once off-limits Sadr City.
A greater sense of confidence produces many benefits. The number of security tips about insurgents that Iraqi civilians provide has jumped sharply. Stores and marketplaces are reopening in Baghdad, increasing the sense of community. People dislocated by sectarian violence are returning to their homes. As a result, "many Baghdadis feel hopeful again about the future, and the fear of civil war is slowly being replaced by optimism that peace might one day return to this city," the Fadhils report. "This change in mood is something huge by itself."

The Democratic Party has based their entire existance on the notion that we had already LOST the Iraq war, and that only they could see reality and save our troops from further pointless wasted losses.

However, they have failed to do anything to actually implement their strategy of defeat. And if the Surge succeeds, and Iraq becomes the stable partner the republicans want it to be and the democrats fear it might be, the last four years of democrats trying at every turn to defeat our country in Iraq will have been for naught.

Which may depress a lot of them. So if you know any liberals, please monitor them for signs of depression and suicidal tendencies. Their side may yet lose this war.

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Great series of posts on the Iraq Surge.