Saturday, December 16, 2006


From Reuter/USA Today, US Senator Johnson still critical, spokesman says :

WASHINGTON, Dec 16 (Reuters) - U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson's condition remained critical, but he was stable while resting in recovery from emergency brain surgery three days earlier, a spokesman said on Saturday.

The South Dakota senator's progress has heartened fellow Democrats who said on Friday they were optimistic that he will be able to remain in the Senate, and enable his party to retain its narrow control of the Senate when the 110th Congress convenes on Jan. 4.

OK, It's Reuters, so the could be making things up. I'm happy because Tim Johnson is a decent family man who I hope makes a full recovery and lives to a ripe old age.

But according to Reuters, Democrats are happy because they will retain control of the Senate.

If he was brain-dead and being kept alive by a feeding tube, I bet the democrats would reinvoke the Shaivo law to ensure he was well-kept until 2008. And God forbid he decides he could die at any time, and would like to retire and spend time with his family.


Anonymous said...

Daschle has been the biggest volture. It's been fun going around the net reading what some of the 'leftest elites' are saying. They're now counting up the number of 'older' members they have in congress that may die at any moment. If one of them gets the sniffles this winter there will be more dhimmi panic.

I never knew losing an election could be so much fun, for the losing side.

Firefighter 16

Janie said...

How old is Bobby Byrd?

(just Kidding)

Jerry Fuhrman said...

"I bet the democrats would reinvoke the Shaivo law to ensure he was well-kept until 2008."

Good one.

Citizen Tom said...

Brain-dead? Shaivo law? Let's not get carried away. The Democrats have their issues, but there no use in speaking of them this way, and it does speak well of us.

Cut the vulture bit and wish Senator Johnson our best. Lets behave the way we wish want the Democrats to behave.