Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dion connected to Community through "his children"

One of the most overused and trite phrases in politics these days has to be "It's for the Children". "Yes, my proposal could put innocent people in jail, but it's for the children", "OK, so it makes it impossible for anybody to have any fun, but hey, it's for the children", "so what if it's pure socialism, it's for the children", "of course we have to curtail your freedoms, it's for the children".

If discussing experience, a candidate should be able to point to actions they have personally taken to advance their causes.

So I found this exchange from the Potomac News today about the Caton's Ridge development interesting. Mike May, asked about Jeff Dion's "opposition" to Caton's Ridge, noted that Dion had done absolutely nothing to voice his opposition or stop the development. Jeff Dion's response was this:

Dion said he is connected to the community though his children, Matt and Elizabeth.

"They've taught me that we all have a duty to make our community better," the 39-year-old Dion said.

BTW, the paper also makes a rather interesting omission, if other stories are to be believed. About Mike May, it says:

May and his wife Amelia live in Lake Ridge and are expecting their first child.

About Jeff Dion, it says:

He lives in Lake Ridge with his children. They attend St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.

But according to this post by BVBL, there's another person living at that house:

What makes this different is that Jeff is now an openly practicing
homosexual who lives with his gay partner.

If so, why doesn't it say that Jeff and his partner live in Lake Ridge? Does the paper think that information is not important?

I'll also note that this isn't the first time Jeff has made his children an issue in the race. In the article which announced his candidacy, we find this gem (remember, Mike May and his wife are just now expecting their first child):

"I'm committed to the Prince William Public Schools for at least the next 11 years," said Dion who is divorced and has lived in Northern Virginia for 21 years.

"I'm the only candidate in this race with children in the Prince William public schools," he said.


James Young said...

Don't believe everything you read. I am not certain that Dion has custody. Yes, his children live in Lake Ridge, but perhaps with his ex-wife, who is re-married and also lives in Lake Ridge. It may well be that "He lives in Lake Ridge with his children" in the same way that I live in Prince William County with Charles Reichley.

Charles said...

That would be a pretty surprising interpretation, especially with the "attends church with his children", unless his ex-wife and husband attend the same church and they meet up.

So until I hear otherwise I'll assume the paper would have pointed out that kind of deception.

James Young said...

BTW, Charles, he DOES frequently attend church with his children. I point that out in fairness.

'Course, when my stepdaughter decided to live with her natural father, she attended church with us when visiting.

Charles said...

Of course, James, thanks for pointing that out. With the kids living in town, even if they don't live at his house, he could easily pick them up on the way to church, or they could be staying with him on weekends.

Of course, all of this is speculation, as Dion has not explained what he means by "lives with". And my post wasn't about who he lived with, but rather the obvious omission of a person we KNOW he lives with in the same house.