Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sotomayor: conflict of interest in Ricci Case?

A recent revelation of a legal seminar in which Judge Sotomayor participated in the 1990s reveals a conflict of interest which should have caused her to recuse herself from the Ricci firefighter case.

That she did not do so raises new questions about her ethics.

According to CNN:

The female panel members politely objected to her characterizations of how she overcame such obstacles, pointing out she graduated from law school with honors and was on the prestigious law review. Sotomayor countered that those were signs test scores alone do not offer the full measure of a person's capability. Test scores, she said, often can be the result of "cultural biases."

The question in the Ricci case was whether test scores are the result of "cultural bias" and therefore could be thrown out. Sotomayor already had an opinion on the merits of the case, and made a flippant ruling which simply reflected her biased and preconcieved notions.

It is no wonder that she didn't really look into the facts of the case, as she already "knew" from her "life experiences" that the Firefighters were wrong and the city was correct.

This isn't the only unethical thing about Sotomayor that is being ignored by the media.

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