Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post Continues to shill for Democrats

Even when they are trying to report something negative, the Washington Post does it's best to make people feel good about Obama and the Democrats. The front page is not a place to do political endorsements, but the Post joins it's big brother the New York Times in doing it's best to minimize the damage.

In today's article, "Obama's Spending Plans May Pose Political Risks", the shilling starts in the headline. Note the "May" along with "Political Risks". In fact, his spending plans DO pose serious risks to our economy and the livelyhoods of the American people, along with the savings of our elderly retired citizens. By suggesting this is merely a political problem, and that is is only a possibility, the Post suggests that, whatever the risks, they are not reasonable.

And lest even this mild headline throw off their readers, the Post starts this analysis of the shortfalls of spending trillions we don't have by lying about Obama's meager record of the first five months:

After enjoying months of towering poll numbers, legislative victories and well-received foreign policy initiatives, the White House has become increasingly concerned that President Obama's spending plans, which would require $9 trillion in government borrowing over the next decade, could become a political liability that defines the 2010 midterm elections.

Let's start with the closest to the truth, the "towering poll numbers". First, some history: Bush's March 2001 poll numbers:
Two months after becoming the 43rd President, George W. Bush is riding high in the polls. His job-approval rating hovers near 60%, and some two-thirds of Americans like him personally. His Cabinet gets very high marks. A large majority favors his tax cut.

In fact, Gallop had Bush at 69%, while Obama's march numbers from Rasmussen were only 56%. Heck, Bush Sr. had higher poll numbers in march:

George W. Bush 69%
George H.W. Bush 63 %
Barack Hussein Obama 56 % !!!!

Of course, CNN polling has shown that 110% of real Americans love Barack Obama.

How about those months of "legislative victories"? Well, certainly the Democrats, being in charge of the house, senate, and the executive branches, and having a decade worth of plans to implement, should have a bevy of bills passed, right? But so far Obama has failed to pass Card Check, the congress defeated his request for money to close Guantanamo, he has no support for his plan to put terrorists in our country, and even on the Stimulus package, he failed to get what he wanted, instead having to bow to an even worse plan by democrats in the house.

He did manage to pass SCHIP, which had already passed several times, and would have been law if the democrats hadn't insisted on covering the world with the child medical plan.

Of course, by "victory" they must have simply meant "passed", because by any measure the OBama "stimulus" package is a dismal failure. They rushed a bill of 900 billion dollars saying the money was needed. But so far only about 20 billion has been spent, unemployment is ABOVE where it was projected to be at the end of the year WITHOUT a stimulus, and the weakening of the Dollar due to the overspending has helped drive Oil and gas prices up again.

Meanwhile, his attempts to save two car companies failed, leaving him a socialized takeover of GM and Chrysler, no doubt driving unemployment even higher.

On bill after bill, Obama has provided only the vaguest of hints as to what he wants, because when he makes it clear, the house and senate democrats ignore him and pass what they want anyway. Easier to claim "victory" when you claim whatever comes out as your own.

And don't forget that while Obama promised to allow the American people to see each piece of legislature for 5 days before signing them, he has yet to allow us to see ANY bill he has signed for that long. So he can't even implement policies that he has complete control over.

But the most laughable is the 'Well-received foreign policy initiatives". In his brief time trying to learn how to be President, he has become the laughingstock of the world. He slighted our closest ally, England, multiple times, mistreating Brown, and more recently with the Uigher fiasco in Bermuda -- a country who Obama has now managed to seriously destabilize, along with Palau.

Iran just re-elected their anti-American leader. Obama refused to eat with Sarkozy claiming he had more important things to do, and then Obama came home and played golf. He has seriously undermined our solid relationship with a close ally and democratic country Israel, while his kissing up to anti-democratic muslim governments and extremists has earned the US no benefit.

North Korea is blatantly testing nuclear weapons, and has announced the will enrich uranium, and Obama has no answer. While Europe is electing new leadership that sees the danger of muslim radicals taking over their countries, Obama is lying about the number of muslims in our country, and trying to sell the fiction that we used to be the enemies of the Muslim world. This after we sent our troops to die defending muslims in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and have been close allies with Pakistan and and other muslim countries.

No, in the short time Obama has been in office, our nation's debt has skyrocketed, the respect we had in the world (not the kissy-faced platitudes, but the actual respect that kept our enemies at bay and our friends close beside us) has been destroyed, muslim extremists are launching terror attacks on our own soil again, the world is increasingly dismissing our currency, oil and gas prices are skyrocketing, and our businesses are being undermined by Obama's ill-considered belief that the government can run things better than we can.

Obama has no answers, other than to continue to blame the previous administration for actions the democrats took over the past two years when they controlled congress. The Washington Post helps out:

"The reckless fiscal policies of the past have left us in a very deep hole," Obama said last week. "And digging our way out of it will take time, patience and some tough choices."

But in fact, for the spending of the last two years, except for the war in Iraq, Obama voted FOR all the spending. He pushed for and claimed credit for the TARP bill. He joined his fellow democrats blocking the fixes to the mortgage industry that might have staved off the worst of the downturn. Obama cannot blame others for the economy, which was fine before his party took over the Senate in 2007 and drove gas and oil prices to record highs.

Note that the oil and gas prices only dropped when the democrats, trying to win re-election, allowed bans on drilling to expire. Then, when he took office, Obama blocked exploration of offshore oil, and announced plans to ban more drilling, and oil and gas prices shot back up.

Obama doesn't get it though, as seen by his "plan" to fix the deficit:

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff, said that a quick economic recovery would have the single biggest effect on the grim budget forecasts and that the administration's top priority will be "getting America's fiscal house in order" once Congress finishes work on health-care and energy reform legislation.

"energy reform" is their name for cap-and-trade, which will kill our economy and run up the deficits more. health-care as perceived by Obama means trillions more in government spending. So in addition to the record deficits Obama has charged up this year and last year as a Senator, he plans on trillions more, before he gets our "house in order".

A quick economic recovery would have been the best. The TARP passed last year didn't help, although it might have worked if it was smaller and more targeted to what it was supposed to be, buying off toxic assets to free up capital. The failure of the democrats to pass a good TARP bill (and many republicans went along with that fiasco) hurt our economic recovery. But Obama's "stimulus" package sunk our recovery, directing money we didn't have NOT to stimulate, but to pay off his political supporters. They gave him 700 million dollars to win the election, and he returned the favor with 700 billion in money paid out to unions, colleges, ACORN, and liberal groups throughout the country.

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