Sunday, August 05, 2007

When did Faisal move to his latest house?

When it comes to individual districts, I'm not sure how important it is how long a candidate has lived within the boundaries, given that the boundaries move around, and the issues that face us our generally common within a region.

But I think it's perfectly fine to ask where a candidate lived, and how long they lived in the district.

We should however give accurate answers to those questions.

Now, I've had no contact with Mr. Gill, so I have no idea where he has lived over the last decade or so. I know he's lived in this area, because he's been in the PWC republican committee for some time now. But beyond that, I'd love to have asked him this question, but it's very late.

So I just used the county tax records and some internet searching to find out when he bought his last house.

Why am I doing this? Because GBK has a post which says in part:

Fact. Gill moved into HOD-51 in order to run. That was after Stewart, et al persuaded McQuigg to give up her seat and run for Clerk.

That is most certainly false. According to the PWC tax records, Faisal bought the house he lives in on December 12, 2005, almost a year before McQuigg announced her intention to run for the Clerk's position.

If Faisal bought the house because he could predict the future, maybe that's another good reason to vote for Faisal Gill for delegate :-)


Anonymous said...

What happened to Lucas Juliee,
pride of the 51st,

When the Committee Republican winked a wicked wink,

Said to Lucas Juliee
stick to School Board things,

Yar Mahommed Gill spat and
grinned with glee,

Ask the Kopko folks-
only don't ask me.

Charles said...

Off topic, but I noticed the BVBL folks are attacking Julie's opponent for School Board in the Neabsco district, because they see him as pro-illegal immigrant.

I wonder if they'll figure out that, if Gill hadn't won the convention, Julie wouldn't have been running for school board, and that guy would have probably easily won the seat?

So Gill saved us from the guy they think would be a terrible school board member.

Anonymous said...


I checked on your Gill house info. In fact, the deed and two trusts were executed on June 6th, 2005 and curiously they weren't recorded at the clerk's office until Dec. 7th, 2005.???? Not the usual proceedure. The first was for somewhere near 540k @ 7.5% and the second near 111k @ 9.5%. But why would the lender/ title co. wait so long to put the transactions on record??

The court records also show that one Faisal Mahood Gill was married to Margaret Mary Dale (nee Carroll) in August, 1995.

Anonymous said...

At the time of the marriage, Ms. Dale appears from the land records to have been a Pr. Wm. resident. Gill's first appearance as a land owner in his own name is the Dec., 2005 conveyance.

Anonymous said...


I don't find Manes Pierre's (Julie's opponent for the school board) position on illegal aliens quite as disturbing as his seemingly looney leftist politics. He is (was) a teacher in Prince William County? From reading Pierre's web site, it seems that one of his greatest heroes is Paulo Freire who wrote the leftist diatribe "Pedagogy of the Oppressed", in 1968.

Freire is not only a leftist writer, but in my opinion, Freire also plagiarized and stole many of the ideas in his book from Bronson Alcott, 1799-1888.

You might not have heard about Bronson Alcott in school. He was Louisa May Alcott's dad. He was born and educated in Connecticut and traveled to Virginia on Oct. 18. 1818, landing in Norfolk which then had about 8,500 residents. From Norfolk he traveled throughout Tidewater and N.C. trying to find work as a teacher. No luck.. The locals weren't buying any Yankee teacher. Bronson Alcott returned to Connecticut in 1820, where he established a school and tested his "revolutionary" new theories concerning education, before openning the Temple school in Boston in 1834.

Bronson Alcott rejected the then prevalent notion that children were mere vessels to be filled with information, by beating if neccessary. Instead, Bronson viewed children as partners in the learning process. This has been, in my opinion, stolen by Freire lock stock and barrel. Freire takes Bronson's ideas and restates them using "economic jargon" to effect Marxist Ends. For example, Freire talks about the "banking" method of learning that the oppressors use to control the oppressed; whereby the oppressor "deposits" information in the minds of the oppressed to keep the oppressed down. These issues were addressed by Bronson Alcott in the early 1800's. Instead of couching the analysis in "material economic" (Marxist) terms, Bronson looked at the children spiritually.

Bronson Alcott went on to be a key figure in the Transcendental Movement in the United States and Europe. His contemporaries and fellow transcendentalists included Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Carlyle. From 1879 Bronson Alcott was the Dean of the Concord School of Philosophy, located near Harvard. Nathaniel Hawthorne, another of Alcott's disciples, displays Bronson Alcott's educational concepts and theories through the development of Pearl's character in THE SCARLET LETTER.

While you may think this is somewhat "off topic", I am trying to illustrate how truly facile Pierre's educational "attainments" are, in my opinion. How this clown could "bluff" his way into the our school system is beyond belief. (Not to mention, that I think his "poetry" is worse than Nikki Giovanni's or even the idiot Maya Angelou.) What the hell are the school administrators being paid for, if they can't, in my opinion, see that Pierre is a phoney pedagog who at least partially bases "his ideas", on Freire's warped interpretation of Bronson Alcott's concepts.

Stay tuned for the connection between the officially recognized native Haitian religion of VOODOO (Pierre is a native of Haiti) and Jeanette Rishell's presumed spiritual leader, the Right Reverend Nancy MacDonald of the Unitarian Church in Manassas.

Anonymous said...

PWC constituents need to open a can of whoopass against Faisal Mahommed Gill and Corey Stewart in November.

We can't trust either of them. Not as far as you can throw em. Speaking of, Maybe Stewart should lay off the malted barley & hops for a spell.

Charles said...

Last anon, do you have some specific issue on which you feel Faisal hasn't been honest with you? It's hard to discuss a hissy fit.

Charles said...

BTW, I'm still not sure that the information I found was for the correct "Gill".

Here is some more information I have found.

I know Gill lived in the 51st district from 2001-2003, in the Westridge area.

I also am pretty sure Gill lived in the 51st district Kerrydale district while he was in College, back in the mid-90s.

But he may not have moved into his last house intil the middle of 2006, in which case it might not have been the house I found.

On the other hand, that is still way before Michelle decided what she was doing, so the point stands.

I realise it would have been easier just to write to Gill and ask him. But sometimes it's fun to play detective.