Friday, August 24, 2007

So Democrats never change their positions, even to right ones?

The folks over at Raising Kaine are "thanking goodness" (as if they know what "goodness" is, or that "goodness" is some higher power or sentient being that should be thanked) for "google", in that google makes it easy for even ignorant lazy people to collect data (whether accurate or not doesn't seem to matter much to those kind of people).

In their rant, they claim Republicans are being "Thwarted in Attempts to Erase Records". But in almost every case, all they have found is that Republicans have decided the abuser fees are unacceptable, and have decided to oppose them. This is a change for many of them, to be sure, but changing a web site to indicate your CURRENT position on an issue isn't "trying to erase records", it's trying to keep your positions accurate.

I can't even imagine a Democrat keeping their changed and unpopular position on an issue on their web site (although I imagine the folks at Raising Kaine are used to Democrats who put positions on their web site that are opposite their real positions, so maybe that's what has them confused about the honesty of the Republicans).

Here's selected details, from Lowell at RK, "Thank Goodness for Google!", who it appears mostly just took his post from Danae at the Democratic Party of Virginia, which makes this an official Democratic Party obsfucation:

(Danae): In this election year, Republicans candidates from Virginia Beach to Fairfax have found themselves on the wrong side of Virginia voters. But instead of dropping their views and aligning with the mainstream, many of them are trying to erase, edit, flip-flop and spin away their inconvenient pasts.

Actually, in almost every case, "dropping their views" is EXACTLY what the candidates have done, and they have changed their web sites to reflect their new views.

BTW, as much as it's fun to thank "google", Republicans know that there are actually NEWS sources of record that have their votes and positions, and those can't be altered (yet, as the Democrats haven't gotten around to implementing a 1984-style system of re-writing THEIR history). The idea that someone would try to "erase" a recorded vote is absurd.

Earlier this year, candidate Dave Hunt sent out a mailer proclaiming his "Five Point" transportation plan. This plan included point number two - "[increasing] penalties for dangerous and chronically bad drivers..." Now, in more recent mailings, candidate Hunt has sent mailers turning his five point plan into a four point plan.
As late as June 28th, 2007, candidate Marc Cadin had plastered his support for the 2007 Transportation Act all over his website. But as the summer grew hotter and the opposition to abusive driver fees grew louder, Cadin removed all mentions of the plan. Where he once "applaud[ed] the Republican General Assembly's passage" of the bill, there is now only silence.

It's good to change your position when it was wrong previously. At least these two aren't falsely claiming they OPPOSED the measure, like Senator Chuck Colgan (Democrat), who is never mentioned in this post of people "hiding their positions".

In her campaign mailings this year, Jeannemarie Devolites Davis has been quick to point out that she is the only state senator with a seat on the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, the board that determines taxation and funding for all regional transportation projects.
What Jeannemarie doesn't tell her constituents is she has only bothered to show up for meetings about half the time!

This isn't even a "change of position". Funny how after touting how "republicans" were erasing things, by their 4th name they were reduced to simply claiming that someone who says they are on a board doesn't show up all the time. Anybody who has been ON a board knows that showing up all the time is hardly a measure of clout.

Now, if they RK people had attacked her for voting FOR the new taxes, I'd be with them on that one.

Speaker Bill Howell's office has released statements passing the blame to everyone but Republicans about how abusive driving fees don't apply to out-of-state drivers The only problem for Republicans is that they previously handed all the credit to their own Dave Albo, then shifted the blame when the going got rough.

Having already run out of republicans who were announcing position changes, they now go the rest of the way to simply misleading statements. The "credit" to Dave Albo was for the transportation bill THEY passed, which included out-of-state drivers. Dave Albo isn't the one who removed out-of-state drivers from the bill, it was Democratic Governor Tim Kaine. So Howell is absolutely CORRECT that it's not the Republican's fault.

Well, not quite -- the Republicans COULD have voted AGAINST the change in the transportation bill, and then Kaine would have vetoed it and the Democrats would be blaming the Republicans for torpedoing the bill over a trivial matter of abusive driver fees.

You may note I have ignored the first person on their list, Tricia Stall. I simply don't know enough about that issue to speak to what they are claiming. My guess is there's a good story there if I had the time to dig it out.

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