Monday, February 19, 2007

Democrats Iraq Vote gets Results

On Friday, the House Democrats (all but 2) along with 17 republicans "sent a message". On Saturday, even though the cloture vote failed in the Senate, Harry Reid declared victory as a majority voted again to "send a message".

Just hours later, we got the first signs that the message had been received. From Fox News, Car Bomb Rips Through Baghdad:

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Militants struck back Sunday in their first major blow against a U.S.-led security clampdown in Baghdad with car bombs that killed at least 63 people, left scores injured and sent a bloody calling card to officials boasting that extremist factions were on the run.

Up until the Senate vote and the Reid/Pelosi statements of defeatism, the surge seemed to be having the desired effect:

Just a few hours before the blasts, Lt. Gen. Abboud Qanbar led reporters on a tour of the neighborhood near the marketplace and promised to "chase the terrorists out of Baghdad." On Saturday, the Iraqi spokesman for the plan, Brig. Gen. Qassim Moussawi, said violence had plummeted 80 percent in the capital.

In my opinion, it was this success that had the Democrats scared out of their wits. When you stake your election on losing a war, and then somehow you find you are winning, it's got to scare the bejeebers out of you. They had to act -- thus Pelosi's reneging on a promise to allow Republicans to offer their own proposal in the House, and Reid coming back so soon after giving up on his plan to offer the house bill.

Having denounced the deployment of reinforcements to help our troops in Iraq, so soon after many of them had said we didn't have enough troops, the Democrats had backed themselves into a corner. While the war was going badly, their complaints could be sold as "helping the troops".

But with the glimmer of hope that the President's new policy, based on recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, might actually work, the Democrat's strategy to cement their majority and take back the White House was in jeopardy.

Their only hope -- pass a resolution that would embolden our enemy to renew their attacks in the face of the new opposition powered by the surge, giving the terrorists the hope that, if they can only keep up the pressure for a few more months, if they can just kill a few more American soldiers, and a lot more Iraqi Citizens, the Democrats will have enough popular opinion behind them to pull the plug and abandon Iraq to those who would destroy our way of life.

So they did their best, and now the Enemies of Freedom are repaying the Democrat favor the only way they know how -- by killing innocent people.

Democrats. They may hate the terrorists, but they love their mission. And they may love our troops, but they hate THEIR mission. And just as someone once said they had to burn the village to save it, the Democrat message seems to be that you might have to get a few more troops killed to save them.

I wish I could hope that Tom Davis and John Warner would wake up and realise what they are a part of now, but I hold no hope for them.Tom's speech on the non-binding resolution showed a keen understanding of the base political motives for the resolution, and his base political reason for voting for it. And John Warner demonstrated why there should be a mandatory retirement age for Congress.

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