Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who is Obessed with Race?

This past week Attorney General Eric Holder proclaimed that, when it comes to race, we are a "nation of cowards".

While it is unfortunate that our country's AG is so quick to generalize and stereotype, it is certainly true that a good number of people in our country are scared to death when it comes to race.

And incidents like this week's flare-up over a New York Post cartoon attacking the stimulus package are a good reason why.

See, over the past two months, the Democrats in the House of Representatives, led by Congressman David Obey, have crafted a horrible attack on the foundations of American Society, which they called the "stimulus" bill.

And the New York Post knows that this bill is a piece of garbage which will do little if anything to help our economy, except for the general good that spending an extra trillion dollars would do to ANY economy.

And also this past week, a woman was mauled by a chimpanzee, which had to be killed. And a New York Post cartoonist noticed that, much like the woman was mauled by a chimpanzee, our nation has been mauled by the democrats who wrote the stimulus package.

And since the chimpanzee was shot to death by police, the cartoonist drew a picture of the chimp being shot by two police, with a caption suggesting we needed someone else to write the NEXT stimulus bill.

Now, if this were 2004, with republicans controlling government and Bush in the white house, such a cartoon would be well-accepted. Heck, people drew all sorts of cartoons with chimps, and baboons, and other animals to depict various members of the republican party, including Bush, Powell, Rice, and other members of the administration.

But now we have a "Black President". And apparently, some dimwits think that this "Black President" actually wrote the "stimulus package", when in fact he had nothing to do with it. And further, these people (who supposedly are the "enlightened" people) equate black people with monkeys, so when they saw a monkey in a cartoon, they immediately thought of Obama, even though he is neither a monkey nor the author of a stimulus package.

And then they attacked the cartoonist for "being racist", when it was these people who were the racists for thinking Obama was a chimpanzee, and idiots for thinking he wrote the stimulus package.

So, when Eric Holder says we are cowards when it comes to race, he should look at this incident, and realise that no white person alive is "comfortable" with ANYTHING having to do with race, since anything a white person does will be misconstrued as "racist".

We will NOT have a proper colorblind society so long as people define themselves by their color, expect to be treated special because of their color, think that acheivement should be measured by their color, want handouts and laws favoring them because of their color, and so long as any person of color feels comfortable launching vile, unprovoked and unwarranted attacks on white people's character simply because they are white.

We could start with the notion that black people need blacks representing them in politics. It's time to stop drawing congressional districts to ensure "black people" get elected. The nation, which is 80% NOT BLACK, just elected a "Black Man" as president. If blacks can't be represented by white people, then how are 80% of the people of this country represented by a "Black Man"?

Fact is, white people learned long ago that the "Black Man" could well represent them. And given that the Democratic Party can only find it in it's heart to allow ONE "Black Man" to sit in the U.S. Senate (and they may be trying to throw him out now), I'm thinking the minorities in the Democratic Party are quite used to being represented by rich white fools.

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