Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How the Democrats will steal the Minnesota Senate seat.

It seems that the recount in the Minnesota Senate race will conclude with Norm Coleman still up by a couple hundred votes.

Further, while the Al Franken team will make a big deal about absentee ballots, it is unlikely the courts will agree to count ballots which clearly do not meet the legal requirements for acceptance.

But I don't think Franken really cares. I mean, it would be easier for the Democrats if he could manufacture enough votes in the recount to win, but they have a plan which will work in any case.

The first part of the plan has already succeeded. Al Franken got a judge to violate the sacrosanct rule of the "secret ballot", providing the Franken campaign with the names, and addresses of every absentee ballot that was rejected.

Franken's team has now contacted all those people, asking them if they were Franken supporters. No doubt they are finding Coleman people, but they will be ignored.

The next step will be for Franken's team to get every Franken voter to sign an affidavit asserting that they voted for Al Franken in the election.

Simple probability suggests that about half the rejected ballots will be Franken supporters, so they should easily be able to find over 3000 people to sign.

Normally, this wouldn't be any help. I mean, you could also call registered voters, and ask if they voted, and if not, get them to sign affidavits that they WANTED to vote and WOULD have voted for Al Franken. The courts still wouldn't accept them as actual votes.

But that's not the point. See, the Democrats have control over the Senate. And the constitution puts the Senate as the final arbiter of elections for the Senate.

So next January, when it's time to seat the new Senators, the Senate Democrats will note "irregularities" in Minnesota, and will bring the question up for a vote. And then the affidavits will be presented. And the DEmocrats will note that, while the law in Minnesota didn't allow those votes to be counted, it is CLEAR that those votes WERE cast and were for Franken.

And since the Senate doesn't have to abide by the Minnesota law, the Democrats will vote to count the extra ballots, and award the election to Franken. It won't matter that nobody checked the OTHER absentee ballots. The Media will go along with what the Democrats do, so there won't even be an outrage.

It's happened before -- the Democrats once refused to seat a republican House candidate winner, putting in the losing Democrat instead. And nobody batted an eye.

I suppose the Coleman camp could try to counter this by calling all the absentee names and getting THEIR supporters to sign affidavits. But there's no reason to suspect the Democrats in the Senate would accept them.


Anonymous said...

Well, now you know how the rest of us felt after 2000 and 2004. It's a shame that all you have are rumors and Republican talking points since we have documented acts of Vote Caging, voter intimidation and even...the horror...voter fraud by none other than Ann Coulter who, of course, was never prosecuted by the Bush "Justice" department.

Why don't you recruit a high profile Republican, get some PROOF of this garbage and then we'll definitely listen.

Charles said...

You don't think this will happen? Nightmare:

"There are a number of ways this can happen, whether it is at the county level, before the state canvassing board, before the courts of Minnesota, or before the United States Senate, we do not know," said Elias -- but they will see to it that every vote is counted."

That's Mark Elias, Franken's lead recount attorney. If Coleman is still leading, the Senate Democrats will try to steal the election, like democrats have been trying to steal elections since 2000.

Voter Intimidation? That's the democrat playbook. Guys with baseball bats at the polls in Philadelphia -- just one example

Anonymous said...

I think the democrats are ginning up a shooting war they won't like.

I see BDS is alive and well, keep it going, the graduating class of mental health professionals in 09 needs a lot of crazy patients. My niece is counting on making millions from the crazy democrats and she is smart enough to do it. There will be no recession in the field.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, hold the count, I have a couple hundred Franken votes in the trunk of my Honda I forgot about. Sorry no Coleman votes.

Charles said...

Well, they found 171 votes in Ramsay, a Democratic stronghold.

Either there is voter fraud, or democrats are just really really bad at running elections -- either way they shouldn't be given power.

BTW, with those extra '171 votes', they have 33 more votes then there were signed-in voters for that precinct.

That is what we call overvotes, and it could well indicate that someone stuffed the ballot box. Or it could mean that people didn't get properly signed in.

Oddly, the margin of victory for Franken in that precinct was 6%, but for the 171 votes they found (which should have been randomly separated and therefor had the same percent) Franken picked up 37 votes, when he should have picked up 8 votes.

Note that if you subtract 8 from 37, you get 29, which is about how many extra votes there are now in the precinct. It's like someone put aside a pile of 141 votes split evenly between Franken and Coleman (so it didn't effect the election), so that if there was a recount, they could wait and slip in a bunch of extra ballots for Franken.

But of course, democrats wouldn't cheat. Except of course the Obama campaign worker who admits they voted 3 times in the primaries.

And the thousands of college kids who were told it was their patriotic duty to save our country from republicans by voting absentee at home and voting in person at their college town.

And lest you think college democrats wouldn't cheat, they just published a report that shows that college kids are cheating on their courses like never before.