Tuesday, March 25, 2008

May and Nohe cave into tax-and-spend democrats

You will read tomorrow about the "compromise" $1.00 tax rate. Don't be fooled.

May and Nohe should be ashamed. They both earlier had supported a $1.00 rate, May as a "compromise", and Nohe because I presume he can only deal with whole dollar amounts :-)

But they proposed that rate when we thought assessments were down 16%. At that time, the $1.01 rate was seen as an 8% increase, while a $1.00 rate would be a little over 7%.
Today, we learned that the assessments were only down 15%. Also, the School board miraculously found that they didn't need as much money as they INSISTED they needed just 3 weeks ago.

And guess what -- the $1.00 rate is now seen as a 8+% increase. In other words, the $1.00 rate is just the old $1.01 rate with a higher assessment.

So in fact Nohe and May gave in to the democrats. (oh, is Maureen a Republican? I guess so -- even though she was pushing a 10+% increase, and argued earlier that there was no real difference between 99.1 and 101.0, because it was only a hundred bucks or so per family).

How many people got a raise of greater than 3% last year? Well, even the fiscal hawks were proposing raising your taxes 3.3%, so they could give 3+% raises to public employees.

And instead, we are raising your taxes by 8%. When assessments were going up, Sean Connaughton would raise our taxes by 8%, and tell us it was OK because our hosues were worth more.

Now our houses are worth LESS, and our expenses are up, and we are asked to give 8% more to a bloated county government who thinks that while it's citizens are belt-tightening, they shouldn't have to.

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