Sunday, January 27, 2008

Look who it is, back from the dead!

Hello, it is in fact Conservathing Two, I'm back from the dead. Now, I'm sure most of you don't remember me, and that's ok, in a day or two I'll probably disapear again.

But before that occurs I have a few little arguments on some past tidbits of info my father has told me while we both were on our computers.

First off: Mitt Romney spending his own money on the election.
Now from what my father has told me, people believe that while Romney is spending his own money he is attempting to 'buy off' the election. Personally, I would rather have a president who has his own money and knows how to use it, because if he can't manage his money, then how is he supposed to help manage the money we give him?

Secondly: Fred Thompson dropped out of the race!!!
I am very upset, I seriously thought that he could have been the next Reagan. Why did I like Fred? He was an actor, and he looked like he could be a grandfather, the fun kind of grandfather, the one that you like. Not the kind of grandfather that just sits on the front porch all day telling his "When I was a young wipper snapper like yer-self...." stories. The kind of grandfather that could be involved in a high speed car chase. Not to mention, have you seen his wife?!?!? She doesn't look a day over 30!

Thirdly: I don't know how many of you all will be at the blogger meeting on wednesday, but I will see you there, even though TECHNICALLY I'm not neccesarilly a blogger, my dad invited me, and hey, I'll go to anything that gets me out of school, especially out of all of my least favorite classes.

I'm sure I'll see some of you on Wednesday,
So good bye until then!
-Conservathing Two
(I wonder when I'll finally be able to use my real name... Conservathing Two is too many letters.....)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just type C2, ya dope?

conservathing two said...