Friday, January 19, 2007

Faisal Gill Campaign Event Postponed -- Wants to focus on Mike May's Race

Faisal Gill, a candidate for the 51st district delegate seat currently held by Michelle McQuigg, had a campaign announcement event scheduled for this Saturday, which included Lt. Governor Bill Bolling.

However, there were requests that he postpone his event because some of his supporters also wanted to work the Occoquan supervisor special election beat this Saturday.

Faisal contacted his supporters, and was able to postpone his event to a future date. I can't say right now what that date is.

I'm sure this will be a dissappointment to the 2 people who were going to show up to protest his candidacy.

UPDATE: Faisal has confirmed : "It is being postponed so that we can all go work for Mike may on Saturday."

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